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The Oxfordshire Economic Observatory: promoting the understanding of the Oxfordshire knowledge-economy


The Oxfordshire Economic Observatory (OEO) is an independent research centre dedicated to undertaking world-class research into the knowledge-economy of advanced regions. It focuses particularly on the cluster of firms and research institutions that comprise the Oxfordshire knowledge-economy, in the context of the South East of England.

The Observatory aims to promote an understanding of the interaction of local, national and global processes shaping the path of economic development in Oxfordshire. This will be benchmarked against the performance of other advanced regions. The objective is for this knowledge to be used to further the growth of the county's firms by contributing to evidence-based policy making.

The Observatory will monitor both short and long term trends. It will work together with local, regional, national and international organisations which have an interest in understanding and promoting the Oxfordshire economy and its competitive ranking against similar regions.